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About Us

Easing the burden of affordable housing compliance for both public and private sector clients.

If you’re a public agency responsible for affordable housing projects, you are likely familiar with the significant challenges involved in ensuring that each and every restricted unit in each and every property in your portfolio maintains compliance with its specific affordable housing program regulations.

At UFBA, our mission is to ease the burden that affordable housing monitoring puts on public agencies and their owners/property managers, so they can focus their efforts on fulfilling the goal of providing quality rental housing in their communities.

With nearly four decades of experience providing affordable housing compliance, monitoring and certification services, UFBA’s team of certified professional Affordable Housing Compliance Specialists have an extensive amount of expertise with both single-source and multilayered funding programs as well as the tenant certification process.

As one of the nation’s largest and most experienced affordable housing compliance firms, UFBA provides compliance and monitoring services more cost-effectively and enables public agencies, owners/property managers to manage their affordable housing portfolios easily and efficiently.

Our experienced Team of Affordable Housing Compliance Specialists serves both the public and private sector with an unprecedented level of hands-on customer service:
  • We provide regular, proactive communication via phone and email, as well as access to our Compliance Monitoring System, to ensure ongoing compliance with federal, state and local requirements set forth in the covenants and/or regulatory agreements of the various affordable housing funding programs.
  • We also work one-on-one with developers, owners, and property managers to help them resolve any compliance issues that need to be addressed, how to upload reports and how to meet reporting requirements.
Affordable Housing Compliance Specialists serves both the public and private sector.

No matter what, UFBA Affordable Housing Compliance Specialists are always just a phone call away.