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Housing Compliance Services

Assuring Compliance with Federal, State and Local Regulations for Over 35 Years

Auditing of affordable housing program compliance is at an all-time high. State and Federal agencies are increasingly scrutinizing how issuers are monitoring and tracking regulatory agreements/covenants within their portfolio. Multiple physical, administrative and compliance inspections each year are not uncommon.

At UFBA, our mission is to ease the burden that affordable housing monitoring puts on public agencies and their owners/property managers, so they can focus their efforts on fulfilling the goal of providing quality rental housing in their communities.

Our experienced team of Affordable Housing Compliance Specialists serves both the public and private sector with an unprecedented level of hands-on customer service, providing:
  • Affordable housing compliance guidance and education. We work closely with developers, owners, and property managers to ensure ongoing compliance with federal, state and local requirements set forth in the covenants and/or regulatory agreements of the various affordable housing funding programs. We also develop and conduct one-on-one and group training of property owners/managers on behalf of our clients to help them learn how to properly qualify tenants, how to maintain compliance, how to upload reports and how to meet reporting requirements. No matter what, we’re always a phone call away.
  • Assistance with the certification process. As experts in the tenant certification process, Specialists are available to work directly with property owners/managers to review tenant certifications at lease-up and assist with re-certifications as needed.
  • Annual on-site auditing and follow-up. Specialists conduct annual on-site audits on behalf of our clients and provide detailed reports of our findings to both the public agency and the property owner/manager. We also work one-on-one with the property owner/manager to resolve issues that need to be addressed to bring the property into compliance and ensure that it stays in compliance.
  • Automated affordable housing compliance monitoring from start to finish. From collecting, tracking and processing data to running customized reports, our proprietary, web-based affordable housing Compliance Monitoring System enables us to provide affordable housing compliance and monitoring services more cost-effectively and with more diligence than most public agencies could possibly perform with an internal staff.
  • Proactive communication with the bond issuers. Through direct communication by phone and email, as well as access to our Compliance Monitoring System, UFBA significantly reduces the burden housing compliance monitoring puts on public agencies AND their property owners/managers.
Affordable Housing Compliance Services and Specialists - Urban Futures Bond Administration


  • Program Administration and Compliance Monitoring
  • On-Site File Inspections
  • Tenant Certifications
  • Lease-up Assistance
  • Tax Credit File Reviews
  • Consulting
  • Training